Patricia Grinstead dies in Ocean Springs

Not exactly a corporate operation! "Leave money on table." Note left on door of Showroom, 1970s


Shearwater celebrates is 50th anniversary, and Peter Anderson is honored in Ocean Springs. WLOX documentary

Ocean Springs celebrates an annual Peter Anderson Festival


December 20. Peter dies in Ocean Springs. In the early 1980s, his daughter Patricia Findeisen becomes chief decorator

Patricia Findeisen vase. Maurer/Iglesias collection


Death of Agnes Grinstead Anderson, Sissy. Photo Kendall

Remains of Peter's boat, the "Patricia," in the marsh at Shearater

Plate by Christopher Inglis Stebly

"Orderable glazes," ca. 1997


The Andersons, ca. 1998. Front row: Patricia Findeisen, Peter Wade Anderson, James McConnell Anderson, Sara Anderson. Back row: James and Margaret Anderson, Michael Anderson, Marjorie Anderson Ashley and Pete Ashley


Death of James McConnell Anderson. Portrait of Mac by Walter Anderson. Photo Neal Auction


Peter Wade Anderson throwing pottery at the Peter Anderson Festival


Katrina destroys most of Shearwater Pottery. Marjorie Anderson Ashley declares it is "closed for repairs," and Jim Anderson begins throwing at the Mary C. O'Keeffe Cultural Center, Ocean Springs. Photo by Tracy Wahl, NPR.

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