George Walter Anderson's records of sales at Shearwater (Shearwater Archives)


Peter marries Patricia Grinstead (April 16). Walter corresponds with her sister Sissy, a fine arts major at Radcliffe.


Opening of Shearwater Annex, where WIA and James McConnell Anderson produce a series of “Negro figurines” (widgets.) In November, the figurines are included in an exhibition of Contemporary American Ceramics at W. & J. Sloane, a department store on Fifth Avenue, N.Y., bringing national publicity.

In March 1931, two vases by Walter -- Jazz Vase and Bacchante-- are exhibited at the Municipal Art Gallery, Jackson. Photo from Patricia Pinson, ed., "The Art of Walter Anderson" (University Press of Mississippi, 2003)


The Andersons create a PWAP mural for the Ocean Springs Public School, with tiles by Peter and Mac. PWAP documents, National Archives and Records Administration.


Walter Anderson creates the football players figurines, which are glazed, at first, in creamy white


Mac builds a rammed earth house at Shearwater. Death of George Walter Anderson. Article from "American Home."

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